Test User Login

Conduct tests from inside the Developer Dashboard

Create a test user

To set up a test user and enable transaction execution, navigate to the settings menu, select the platform option, and click on the test icon corresponding to the desired login method.

to your app (as a test user)

Within this section, you will find the capability to conduct testing from three distinct perspectives:
  1. 1.
    Validate the access token for the selected oAuth method: This feature enables you to verify the access token associated with the chosen oAuth method.
  2. 2.
    Test from an end-user perspective, granting them the ability to select their preferred provider: This functionality allows you to simulate user testing by letting them choose their desired provider.
  3. 3.
    Advanced settings: This option provides the ability to conduct callback tests against domains on which your application may be running.

Option #1 - Validate the access token for the selected oAuth method

To activate this functionality, you can switch the toggle button for "return oAuth token", and then click Test Login. The access token associated with a specific user should be visible to you.

Option #2 - Verify the process of allowing the user to select the provider.

By enabling this option, toggling the "let user choose provider" option, you will be able to simulate the login flow from your user's perspective.
Upon successfully logging in with an existing user account, you can expect to receive a callback with the account name.

Option #3 - Advanced settings: perform specific callbacks tests

By utilizing this feature, you gain the capability to execute comprehensive callback tests against domains where your application might be deployed and actively running. This empowers you to thoroughly evaluate and validate the seamless functioning of your application's callback mechanisms across various domains, ensuring robustness and compatibility in diverse environments.
Upon completion of the process, the user's account name will be displayed.

User login process successfully tested!

Once the authentication process is finished, navigate back to the users section and refresh the page. This action will display the recently logged-in user in the list. To access the account name, expand the user information, and conveniently copy the value to the clipboard for further use.