March 2023

Change Log for ORE ID

DOS Chain (Avalanche subnet) support added!

🔐 New Security Implementations

Callback field changed to Allowed domains.

  • New security measures will be implemented to enforce anti app-spoofing.
  • Will require the developer to add their dApps live domain urls to a field in the ORE ID Developer Dashboard > Settings > General.
  • Api key is still necessary for required functions.
  • Development dApps will allow you to enter “localhost” as an allowed domain.
  • “Localhost” entries are not allowed in production. If your production dApp has “localhost” in the allowed domain field, you will need to remove the entry.
  • Domain filtering will go into effect later this month. Please update your dApp today.

👩‍💻 UI Updates

Token Transfer Summary added to transaction page.

New Transaction Signing Summary
New Transfer Summary for Tokens
  • Transaction Signing Popup will now give you a warning if action being taken has not been whitelisted by the dApp developer.
  • Multiple actions in a transaction will warn once; but, if more than one warning exists the prompt will list out all warnings.
Developer Note: “Description for user” field in Settings > Whitelist entries should be updated to give a clear and specific description of the action to the end user.

Account provider selector feature added.

  • Developers no longer need to implement separate login buttons. Now, they can pop up an oauth provider selection screen to end users.
  • Documentation for the upgraded pop up functionality.