October 2022

Change Log for ORE ID

New Chain Addition - Avalanche C-Chain

  • ORE ID now compatible AVAX C-Chain. Developers can now build dApps or upgrade their existing dApp to support Avalanche C-Chain.

Ethereum Testnet Chain Updates

  • Goerli Testnet added as a supported Ethereum Testnet

  • Rinkeby and Ropsten Testnets deprecated and removed

New Features

  • UAL support added to oreid-js. This enables support for the Anchor Wallet.

  • Delayed Account Creation argument delayWalletSetup. Developers have the ability to manage the blockchain account creation process, delaying the creation of blockchain accounts until necessary. More info on how to use it here.

  • Oreid-js now available as UMD package on publicly available endpoints. Get ORE ID up and running on your raw HTML/JS projects using the <script> tag.


  • WalletConnect now supports all 3 string signing methods (Now fully compatible with OpenSea smart contract)

  • ORE ID Developer portal funding account balances now monitored and reported in low balance alert emails.

  • oreid-js auth error messaging improved for easier troubleshooting. Now returns info from onSuccess, onError, and the reporting of the processId.

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