September 2022

Change Log for ORE ID
Two major updates land this month! On-Ramper has been integrated into the ORE ID Experience. ORE ID now provides the user ability to buy crypto using fiat.
Also, connect to all your favorite Ethereum dApps using ORE ID's new WalletConnect support!

🎉 New Features Added!

Fiat On-ramping
Buy crypto from popular Fiat on-ramping providers such as MoonPay, Transak and Wyre.
Select a blockchain account to load up with crypto
Enter the purchase amount
Select a Provider
Connect ORE ID Ethereum accounts to services offering WalletConnect login.
Start a WalletConnect session
Connection made


  • Transaction Display: End User can view the full transaction data when signing.
Added to signing screen
When clicked view the transaction data