ASA Opt-in

An example Asset

First, identify the index number of the asset to opt-in to.

Add a whitelist entry to your ORE ID application

Using the developer dashboard, navigate to the whitelist entry page under Settings.

Add an item to the Whitelisted Actions by clicking the ➕. An example entry is below.

Create the transaction body

The following transaction creates a zero amount asset transfer ("axfer"). Both, the sender and the recipient are the account that will be the signer of this transaction.

 const transactionBody = {
    from: signingAccount.chainAccount,
    to: signingAccount.chainAccount,
    assetIndex: 10458941,  // USDC Testnet Asset Index
    amount: 0,
    type: "axfer"

Oreid-js will take care of the final transaction formatting. Pass in the transactionBody from above. Along with the other values needed to prepare a transaction object.

const transaction = await oreId.createTransaction({
    chainAccount: signingAccount.chainAccount,
    chainNetwork: signingAccount.chainNetwork,
    transaction: transactionBody,
    signOptions: {
        broadcast: true,
        returnSignedTransaction: false,

Check out a working example

View the Code

Run the sample app

git clone
cd examples/_algorand/react/asaOptIn
yarn install
yarn start

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