Connect to a Service

How to connect an ORE ID account to a service using WalletConnect


For this guide, the UniSwap test app is being used on the Ethereum's Ropsten testnet. To prepare your account for wallet connect, login to an ORE ID Ethereum test app.


  • ORE ID Account

  • Ethereum Ropsten account on ORE ID

  • Test funds in Ropsten account on ORE ID*


  1. Login to ORE ID and navigate to the account to be linked using Wallet Connect.

  2. Start the Wallet Connect linking process on the 3rd party service (e.g. UniSwap).

  3. Copy and Paste the Wallet Connect code from the 3rd party service to the ORE ID Account.

  4. Connect the ORE ID Wallet and view the result in the ORE ID user's page..

  5. View the connected status on the 3rd party service's application.

Login to ORE ID

Login to your ORE ID User account at

  1. Navigate to the ORE ID User portal and login.

  2. You will presented with a user page like the one below.

  3. Under My Dapps, click on the Ethereum application to be connected using Wallet connect

Start the Wallet Connect Linking process

  1. Navigate to the UniSwap testnet page. Find the Connect Wallet button in the top right corner.

  2. Click the Connect Wallet button to view the options.

  3. Click on Wallet Connect option to start the account linking process. The Wallet connect popup will look like the example below.

  4. Copy the code to your clipboard.

Connect the ORE ID account

  1. Go back to the ORE ID Account page you navigated to in the first section. Click on the Wallet Connect icon to bring up the connection window. Paste the Wallet connect code into the field highlighted with a red square.

  2. Click Continue to connect to the service. Upon successful linking, you will see a confirmation screen similar to the one below.

  3. Press done to acknowledge the confirmation and close the pop up. Now, the account will have an icon for the connected service next to it.

Check the 3rd party service for linking validation

  1. Return to the 3rd Party services application to check the status of the linking process. The ORE ID account should be linked and you should have a confirmation page similar to below.

  2. Now, the wallet linking process is complete, you are ready to use your ORE ID account on the 3rd party service. Keep both the ORE ID and 3rd Party service window open and available for transaction signing.

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