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July 2023

Change Log for ORE ID

Key Exporting is Now Available

This month AIKON released the long-awaited Key Export Feature for ORE ID. As a sign of our commitment to decentralization and user agency, we’re making it easy for any user of an ORE ID product to take full control of their blockchain assets. This update also improves the usability of the ORE ID API with some new features and a patch to fix some recently discovered bugs.


  • (Feature) Key Exporting
    As of this update, users now have the option to Export their private keys from the ORE ID Ecosystem, gaining full and sole control of the assets that key controls. This enables the keys to be imported into any compatible wallet.
    To access this functionality, users will need to navigate to their ORE ID profile page at OREID.io. From our login page, customers can use our standard social login or an email address to be taken to their profile. From here, they can review all of the ORE ID wallets attached to that account and may export those keys if they wish.
    You can find a more detailed explanation of the process in our documentation.
    If the user has benefited from a promotional program that allowed them to create a wallet for free, they will need to cover the cost of creating that wallet before exporting it from ORE ID.
  • (Feature) Validate Transaction
    The Validate Transaction API endpoint ensures that a transaction is properly formed and will be accepted as valid by the API and the blockchain network. This endpoint is useful for developers who wish to avoid creating a transaction that will potentially fail or linger in the blockchain memory pool.
Validate Transaction
  • (Feature) Validate Payer
    ORE ID App developers can use the Validate Payer API endpoint to validate that transactions can successfully be completed by the designated payer. A successful result confirms that the paying wallet actively controls the funds that are required by the transaction.
Validate Payer
  • (Update) Onramper Upgraded to Version 2
    The UI for the Onramper widget has been updated to version 2. This change will be applied automatically for anyone who implements Onramper through ORE ID. The implementation process will remain the same.
  • (Bug Fix) Repeated Password Creation Dialog Removed
    An error where visitors to the Developer Portal were asked repeatedly to create a new password has been fixed.
  • (Bug Fix) Login Issue with Google Auth Fixed
    An error that caused Google Authentication to occasionally fail when a user tries to log in via the ORE ID API has been fixed.
  • (Bug Fix) Issue with Token Purchases Fixed
    Fixed an error that prevented token purchases from being made via a debit card transaction.