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Cancel a Pending Transaction

How to create a new transaction with a desired nonce.

Sometimes Transactions Get Stuck

Transactions stuck in the EVM's memory queue are generally a result of paying a lower gas fee than the chain can accommodate. If a transaction sticks, all further transaction will not be executable.
To clear these pending transactions it is required to create a new transaction with the same nonce.
The "nonce" is the index of the transaction for that user on the blockchain. Example: If the user has made 10 transactions on the blockchain previously, the nonce of a new transaction will be 11.
ORE ID allows the developer to manually set the nonce value for a transaction. If a transaction is stuck pending, then that nonce must be used to create a new transaction (generally with zero value) with a higher gasPrice and gasLimit.

Checking for Pending Transactions

import Web3 from "web3"
const chainAccount = "0x01...01" // Ethereum Public Address
const goerliEndpoints = [
{ url: "https://rpc.ankr.com/eth_goerli" },
const provider = new Web3.providers.HttpProvider(
const web3 = new Web3( provider )
const highestNonceExecuted = await web3.eth.getTransactionCount(
console.log( 'last nonce executed: ', highestNonceExecuted )
const highestNoncePending = await web3.eth.getTransactionCount(
console.log( 'highest nonce pending: ', highestNoncePending )
If the highest nonce executed is equal to the highest nonce pending, the account has no pending transactions.
if ( highestNoncePending === highestNonceExecuted ) {
console.log( 'No Pending Transactions' );
If the highest nonce pending is greater than the highest nonce executed, then the account has pending transactions which may need cleared.
else if ( highestNoncePending > highesNonceExecuted ) {
numPending = highestNoncePending - highestNonceExecuted
console.log( '{numPending} Transaction/s Pending' );
The highest nonce pending is used as the nonce for the zero value transaction that will override the pending transaction. See the sample transaction below.

Sample Transaction Data

"from": "0x01...01",
"to": "0x01...01",
"value": "0x00",
"gasLimit": 145000,
"nonce": highestNoncePending