Register dApp with ORE ID

Step 1

Go through the simple developer sign-up portal to get your App ID and API Key.

Step 2

Once you log in or create your account, you will be asked to enter your app details. Don't worry, you can change these later.

Step 3

Once this is done, you'll be taken to the ORE ID Dashboard. Here you can see your App Id and API Key. You can also change your app details and add, eventually, manage the users of your app.

Step 4

Check out the Funding wallet page to be met with the following message. Account creation fees (for the first 3 Million) users are being paid for by the Telos Foundation. Therefore, you won't need to attach a funding wallet.

Step 5

Next, Check the Settings page of the dashboard. You'll be presented with 3 menu options → General, Platforms, and Whitelist.

If you select the Platforms menu, you'll notice that these are managed by the Telos Foundation and cannot be changed. Your users will be able to use either Google, Facebook, or an email address to sign in to your app.

Your ORE ID dApp is now created. Grab the AppId and API Key from the Settings page and continue on to running the Telos Demo dApp.

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