May 2023

Change Log for ORE ID

Quality of Life Updates


We’ve made a number of quality of life improvements to the developer portal ahead of the Telos Cloud Wallet launch. In addition to some bug fixes, we’ve added the ability to validate a connection made with the Universal Authentication Language (UAL) within our portal UI rather than needing to set up a test application. Our goal is always to make development as easy as possible to support new use cases for digital identity and asset management. Instructions on how to test UAL as well as the other changes we’ve made can be found below.


  • (Feature) You may now validate UAL connections in the Developer Portal

    Using the Universal Authenticator Library (UAL), you can allow your users to log in and access their wallet using a method of their choosing. With our latest update, you can now test that feature from the Developer Dashboard.

  • (Feature) Newly created funding accounts are now added to your payments whitelist by default. You can review the process for creating a funding account here.

  • (Bug) Apps created based on a template (Such as the Telos Cloud Wallet template) cannot have their permissions altered after they’re created.

  • (Bug) Corrected an issue that allowed old app data to persist when switching users.

  • (Bug) Labels within the Developer Portal can no longer be edited.

  • (Bug) Corrected an issue where verbose error messages could obscure the screen.

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